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During the holidays, it seems like the entire world is telling you to forget about your diet and exercise plans. Holiday parties, freezing cold weather, candy cane lattes, and your aunt’s special eggnog recipe all conspire against you. It’s easy to completely give up and tell yourself that you’ll get back on track in January.

Sadly, this type of “on-again, off-again” situation is what keeps most of us from ever reaching our health and fitness goals. You can’t climb a mountain by taking two steps forward and then two steps back no matter how many times you try.

Black Box VR is here to help make intense exercise simple, efficient, and fun for you! Just three times a week is enough to give you the volume of exercise that science shows will help dramatically change your body.

Enjoy a few treats and holiday meals with your friends and family, but keep your exercise habit strong. Why not go for your best ever streak and set yourself up for an amazing 2020?

Our team of hardware and software development elves will continue to work behind the scenes on new features and improvements for you.

Happy holidays!

See you in the Arena!
Ryan and Preston
Founders, Black Box VR


Black Box VR Athlete of the Month

Bio: I’ve never been one to workout in a gym. Lacking confidence in my strength and form always kept me from pursuing any fitness goals that way. I’d go running off and on, try out the beach body programs and was always up for trying a new fitness game on a console, but I never stuck with it. I’ve been with Black Box since November of 2019 and it has ticked all the boxes that the other ones couldn’t. I get privacy, positive feedback, and a gaming element that keeps me challenged and engaged.

Username: aelaw326

Hero level: 21 Arena: 10 – Diamond League

Physical results: My endurance and physical strength are better than they have ever been.

Favorite champion: Spearnado is my go-to after I’ve got a solid front line.

Favorite direct damage: I love the lat pull down. It’s perhaps not as powerful as my other ones at this point because it’s maxed out, but I can always get the job done with it.

Why I love BBVR: There’s so much to love about the experience: engaging and challenging workouts, privacy, and live feedback are some top favorites. I would have to say that the best thing is the team though. They care about your results and help you feel that despite the privacy this platform affords, you’re part of a community of people improving themselves and don’t have to worry about being judged. They’re always there with a fist bump and a smiling face.

Gameplay tip: Learn how to use the power-ups at critical moments and prep for your fight by equipping the right ones. I prefer the grenades, but there’s definitely a time and place for the others.



Battle Updates

Ahoy Black Box heroes!

The BBVR dev team is hard at work on some major updates for the new year. Our major focus this quarter is a much more narrative and easily digestible onboarding experience, which will help new users learn the game more easily and hopefully explain some of the more nuanced aspects of gameplay that we’ve discovered through user feedback are getting lost.

We also have a new slam pattern timing bonus that rewards players for developing a mastery of champions’ patterns. The timing tiers will be based on community performance, so if you’re one of the fastest, you can look forward to deploying an unstoppable Rockdude with +100% health!

Other improvements include champion differentiation and special abilities, performance and stability updates, as well as a few surprises.

Keep crushing it in the new year, and let’s get in the best shape of our lives!

“Captain” Duane Mathes
Senior VP of Game Development



Exercise Science

One of our core beliefs at Black Box VR is that fitness improves lives. Working out and eating right doesn’t just make you look better. It makes every part of your life better!

A new study shows how physical activity can reduce or eliminate depression in those that are genetically susceptible. It goes without saying that reducing depressive symptoms drastically improves a person’s life and mental health.

The problem is that most people do not get enough exercise to get the benefits. We believe that mixing the behavior modification mechanics used in video games with the power of serious exercise will be the revolution that gets people to finally stick to their fitness programs.

We won’t stop until every one of our members reaches their fitness goals!

Full study:



Hero Trainer of the Month

Username: Impact_Matrix

Hero level: Hero Level 15

Arena: Gold League Arena 9

Bio: Hey fellow Heroes! Impact_Matrix here. So, a bit about myself: I spent almost my whole life on a military base nicknamed “Area 52” located in the middle of a desert. After graduating, I joined the Airforce but was let go early due to medical issues. It took me 3 years to build my health back, but the journey was a beautiful and powerful one!!
Eventually, I discovered Black Box VR on “accident”. Honestly, it was so moving it brought me to tears! So much so I quit my sales career to pursue the company, and now feel blessed and honored to be part of this rad team.

Background: Owned a babysitting company in high school. Was a part of the National Intelligence Community as an “Operations Intelligence Specialist”. Next, went into sales, where I stayed until my resignation to pursue a career with Black Box VR.

Why I love Black Box VR?: For me, the most impactful application of Black Box could be jump-starting wellness for those with mental health issues. For instance, those with video game addiction, depression, anxiety, etc often feel stuck, knowing they need to exercise to get those endorphins flowing, but don’t have the momentum to forge a new path. For those and others, I see Black Box and its community being an incredible resource for those seeking to level up their life.

Favorite champion: Chill Bill, because what’s better than freezing opponents dead in their tracks using finger guns!?

Favorite direct damage exercise: Ice Shard (squat); because in a world filled with some guys that skip leg day, be the person with thunder thighs that can be proudly rock running shorts 😉

Gameplay tip: Don’t cheat yourself! I’ve heard of so many cheesy (exploits), and while I’m impressed by the ingenuity, I encourage Heroes to know its at the expense of your real-life goals and could set you back months if you got hurt. I’d happily lose a battle in BBVR knowing I have it my all so I continue to win the war for my health.

Personal fun facts:
1. Held a Top Secret Security Clearance at 18yrs old.
2. Was in the top .00006% of all players in the game “Destiny” (yep, super nerdy).
3. I have driven over 1500 cars in my life.


Fitness Tip

Drink more water. You’ll feel better, have more energy, have better-looking skin, reduce your hunger pangs, reduce stress, and lose body fat.

“But I already drink a lot of water.”


“But I’m not thirsty!”




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