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We are excited to announce that Black Box VR is rolling out a new-and-improved resistance equipment machine called the Elite 2.0. This all-new equipment is a culmination of customer feedback we have received from years of use of our 1.0 version and offers significant improvements that will make the experience even more substantial to our customers.


After the company was founded in 2016, a version 1.0 of the fitness equipment was developed and has been in operation over the past several years.

This version was successful at expanding our fitness experience to multiple areas across the western US and to prove out the concept of engaging our customers with a meaningful and sustainable workout experience. The 1.0 machine was developed by the Black Box VR engineering and development team and was the introduction of the first immersive, VR fitness experience to the world.


Our elite 2.0 machine has massive upgrades. To name a few:

  • 30% higher weight capacity for our advanced users, bringing the max weight up from 220 to 300 lbs!
  • Quieter handle and bench pad movement
  • Higher resolution graphics and improved frame rates to further enhance the VR experience
  • 50% faster handle actuation times between exercise sets
  • Liquid-cooled gaming computers with improved CPUS and GPUs
  • The ability to connect your phone and listen to your own my music in the background as you are playing the game
  • Designed for manufacturability, which makes it lower cost, more reliable and easier to transport which will speed up our roll-out across the US

Overall it’s a vastly improved exercise machine that makes your workout battles better, smoother, more fun, and more effective. It’s a true response to the voice of our members over the last few years.

Some of the initial user testimonials speak for themselves!

  • “2.0 was fun!”
  • “Great battle all around great 2.0 performance!”
  • “2.0 workout was SMOOOOOTH!”
  • “2.0 means faster configuration. Wait…that means I have the ability to work out more in 30 minutes? What the hell!”
  • “Amazzzzzzzzing!!!! First 5 star in awhile but the new 2.0 machine is sooo smooth, felt like a completely upgraded workout!”
  • “… like the fast & smooth exercise transitions on 2.0 machine”
  • “Loved the experience”
  • “likes how the weights seemed to ramp up smoothly verses stepping up”
  • “Amazed at how quiet the machine is.”
  • “Enjoyed the experience, especially how quickly the machine configured.”
  • “The workout flow is much smoother on hardware 2.0 than on the 1.0 hardware.”
  • “Loved the equipment’s quicker responses”
  • “Buttery smooth 2.0”


With the all-new Elite 2.0 equipment system, it enables a rapid expansion of manufacturing which aligns to our plans to scale and bring this amazing fitness experience to more people across the US.


We currently have pre-production units in operation in our Boise gym as part of our product validation phase of the project. The initial evaluation has gone so well that we have recently opened them up to the general public for use and to get more broad customer feedback.

Be on the lookout for the Elite 2.0 machine in gyms later this year!

Welcome to the future 

Welcome to the future 

Welcome to the future 

Welcome to the future 

Faster bench pad extension and retraction
Faster carriage movement
Increased resistance ranging from beginner to top-tier athletic performance levels.
Drastically reduced noise

Don't Forget:

This machine was built specifically to allow the our Hero Members to get real fitness results including building lean muscle mass and losing serious fat. Many systems on the market today only focus on cardio OR muscle building and have ZERO VR capabilities. This first-of-its-kind machine pairs with the Black Box VR experience to give you the best of all worlds (VR + HIIT Cardio + Resistance). All of these elements come together to get a workout that gives amazing results and that you can actually stick to over the long term.

Watch the 90-day Body Transformation Epic Video Using The Black Box VR System

That’s right, you can get those👆 results… in 90-days

After only 90 days of working out in Black Box VR, our experiment was an INSANE success and Ryan S. and Jensen Z. completely transformed their bodies…

…and they did it in a FRACTION of the time required at a normal gym.

They didn’t have to think about selecting their weights, they didn’t have to think about how many reps to do… they didn’t even have to worry about their form.

The advanced AI, tracking system and immersive game gave them the fitness results while being efficient and fun.

There is nothing in the world like this.