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We want to get you into the best shape of your life! Do you live in downtown San Francisco? What about Boise? If not, can you move there immediately? No? Well, fine, we’ll come to you.

The Black Box VR experience that’s quickly transforming bodies and lives is ready to scale to more locations. We have partnered with EoS Fitness to launch in new cities around the USA. The first four locations are:

  • Oceanside, Calif., late July
  • Scottsdale, Ariz., late July
  • Tempe, Ariz, early August
  • Peoria, Ariz., early August

Once we finalize our tests in these locations, we will open in the rest of the EoS gyms over the next few years. Currently, EoS has more than 75 gyms open with immediate plans for dozens more. Is there one near you?

(EoS Fitness current gym locations.)

Partnering with EoS Fitness not only allows us to scale more quickly, but it also gives members access to their world-class fitness facilities, unparalleled customer service, low membership pricing, and ample open hours.

“Black Box VR is a first for the fitness industry. Whether our members are super competitive or simply want to challenge themselves with something new, this full-body, strength-training-based workout is an innovative new option to ensure working out at the gym is never boring. Our goal is to continue to challenge our members and communities by bringing them cutting-edge fitness options to keep them coming back for more. Black Box VR completely tests your physical limits, all while playing a game,” said Rich Drengberg, CEO of EoS Fitness.

We couldn’t be more proud to bring this fitness innovation to the world with EoS Fitness as our partner. The entire EoS team is focused on helping members reach their fitness goals and they relentlessly seek out the exciting new ways to make that possible. There’s no better place to launch the VR fitness revolution than right inside an EoS Fitness club.

Check back very soon to level up your life and start your 14-day free trial!