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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to the testimonials of gamers just like you, getting fitness results, reaching their goals and leveling up their lives…

Amber 2:15

“Since finding Black Box VR, I’ve lost 40 pounds and two pant sizes just by playing a workout video game. What’s even better? I’m also stronger and my cardiovascular abilities have increased greatly.”

Jeffrey 3:41

“Since starting, my strength has skyrocketed! My back and arms are stronger than ever before in my life. I have more energy, I’m mentally stronger, and my body feels ready to tackle all of my everyday tasks.”

JB 4:01

“Since I started working out at Black Box VR, my strength has DOUBLED. It’s astonishing! This program has helped increase my energy levels, especially during the winter months when it noticeably dips. I found a way to play video games and become more fit than ever before. And that feels great!”

Jake 3:01

“I’ve been consistently working out for almost three years now thanks to Black Box VR. I’m definitely in the best shape of my life. My mental health has improved and I feel great.”

Barrett 2:18

“Every measurement that you’d associate with muscle is bigger, and every measurement you’d associate with fat is smaller. And that’s from playing a game!”

Andy 3:12

“Since starting Black Box VR, I have improved my overall body muscle tone. The physical exertion helps make my outlook on life better.”

Graham 4:08

“When I started, I put up around 20,000 pounds lifted per battle. Now I can max out above 40,000! I’ve doubled my strength.”

Jared 2:08

“I saw physical changes after my first workout or two. I was surprised that it gave me instant results.”

Enough Talk, It's Time To Level Up Your Life