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Join our community and get more fit than you ever imagined. Get full access and schedule up to 3 days in advance. 

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Book workouts up to 7 days in advance, helping you get the times you need. And more perks and rewards!

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Leave behind the boring workouts of the past and step into a future where exercise is thrilling!

Your goals are within reach, and Black Box VR is the key to unlocking them.


Science-Backed Superiority

Imagine: Your gym time, now turbocharged like a sports car, leaving traditional routines in the dust.

UCLA studies confirm Black Box VR workouts surpass traditional exercise programs in fitness and body transforming results and enjoyment. It’s not just a workout; it’s a scientifically proven path to superior fitness.

Revolutionary Fusion of VR and Fitness

Visualize: Yourself, conquering virtual battles as your real-world strength and endurance soar.

Merge the thrill of gaming with the rewards of intense workouts for motivation that never ends. Every squat, press, punch, and pull is a step in an epic saga where you’re the hero.

AI Guided Fitness Journeys

Picture this: A personal trainer and a high-tech gym, all in one, sculpting not just your muscles but your destiny.

Imagine a fitness program that evolves with you, crafted to your specific needs and goals. Black Box VR offers a personalized experience guided by advanced AI. The workouts are perfectly suited to your fitness level, ensuring optimal progress.

Transform Your Whole Life

Feel: The release of stress, the boost in confidence, and the joy of achieving what once seemed impossible.

Beyond physical gains, members report massive improvements in mental clarity, sleep, emotional well-being, and life satisfaction.
 Your entire life will improve and you’ll step up for those that need you.

“The magic lies in the fusion of cutting-edge virtual reality and AI-made workouts. This immersive experience triggers a cascade of dopamine and endorphins, similar to a performance-enhancing drug, but completely natural.”

Ryan DeLucaCEO of Black Box VR and Founder of
3 Minute Video

Your First Experience: What To Expect?


Black Box VR isn’t just another gym, it’s a fitness revolution for everyone.

Fitness Newbies

Feeling intimidated by weights and machines? Black Box VR throws all that out the window! No prior experience necessary. Our intuitive VR workouts are exciting games, guiding you through punches, squats, and presses without judgment. Start feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident after just one session.

Serious Athletes

Craving a fresh challenge? Black Box VR pushes your limits with high-intensity, gamified workouts. Go beyond the ordinary, testing your strength, endurance, and agility in new and innovative ways. Track your progress, compete with friends, and crush your fitness goals in an immersive and engaging environment.

Busy Professionals

Juggling work, family, and personal time can be tough. We understand. Our efficient 30-minute workouts deliver maximum results in minimal time. Fit your workout into your busy schedule with flexible session times and no need for extra equipment or preparation. Leave feeling energized, focused, and ready to tackle your day.

Those Needing Motivation

Staying motivated with fitness routines can feel impossible. We keep things exciting with gamified workouts and immersive quests. Escape the gym boredom and experience fun new challenges. Track your progress, team up with friends, and unlock new levels, keeping you motivated over the long term. Plus, the supportive community provides encouragement, helping you stay on track.

Your Life: Upgraded

What Results To Expect?

Our revolutionary approach to fitness, blending the excitement of gaming with the effectiveness of science-based workouts, leads to surprising fitness results!

Case study: Alejandro quickly lost 25 pounds of fat, gained muscle, and changed his life.

Watch His Story (3 min)

Your Appearance Results

  • Increased Muscle and Strength: Resistance-based exercises like chest presses, squats, and rows, help in quickly building muscle strength and size.
  • Fast Fat Loss: Our exciting and intense VR workouts will lead to calorie burn and fat loss, helping you reach your goal weight.

Your Athletic Results

  • Enhanced Cardio Fitness and Speed: The high-intensity nature of the battles keeps your heart rate up, improving your overall cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improved Flexibility and Balance: Through dynamic movements and varied exercises, your flexibility and balance will improve!

Your Mental Benefits

  • Boosted Confidence and Motivation: As you see improvements in your physical capabilities and body composition, your self-confidence will improve.
  • Improved Cognitive Function: Exercise enhances brain functions like memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Your Life Benefits

  • Improved Habits: The addictive nature of the game encourages consistent workout habits, unlike traditional gym routines that lead to dropout.
  • Increased Happiness: Regular exercise at Black Box VR improves health, reduces stress levels, and increases your energy which leads to overall life satisfaction!

Our community has completed over 100,000 workouts in VR! The addiction is real.

Collective Reps
Collective Sets
Collective Lbs. Lifted

You're not just working out; you're building a foundation for a life brimming with endless possibilities. Commit today and promise yourself a brighter, more vibrant tomorrow.

Your future self will thank you, not just for how you look, but for how you feel – unstoppable, unbreakable, and utterly alive.


UCLA Black Box VR Study 3

It's not just more fun. Black Box VR actually gives you better results than normal gym workouts!

Remember those nights you laid in bed, wondering why you couldn't stick to a fitness routine? Those nights are behind you.


I'm new to VR and a bit intimidated by the tech. Is it user-friendly?

Absolutely! Black Box VR is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it accessible and easy to use, regardless of your experience with VR or technology. Our intuitive interface guides you through the process, and our team is always available to provide support and assistance. You’ll find that the transition into VR fitness is smooth and enjoyable.

Can Black Box VR accommodate my fitness level?

Yes, Black Box VR is perfect for all fitness levels. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned gym enthusiast, our program is tailored to your individual fitness level. It adapts to your capabilities and progressively challenges you as you improve, ensuring that your workouts are always both manageable and effective.

I have a busy schedule. How time-consuming are Black Box VR workouts?

One of the great advantages of Black Box VR is the efficiency of the workouts. Our sessions are designed to deliver a comprehensive full-body workout in a shorter time frame compared to traditional gym sessions. Each workout is only 30 minutes long! This means you can achieve significant fitness results even with a tight schedule, making it a practical option for those with busy lifestyles.

Black Box VR Meridian Gym

Real Hero Testimonials

TinaHero Member - Boise Gym

Black Box VR is much more enjoyable than working out at the gym. Little to no distractions to keep me on task. The gameplay and graphics are rewarding and keep me focused on winning and getting a tough workout while I’m having fun.

Andrew LawHero Member - Boise Gym

I've been working out with Black Box since October of 2019. It's been an amazing ride! You do six different full-body exercises inside of a virtual reality game using a strength training machine. All of this is incomplete privacy so you don't have to worry about feeling judged.

Mitch AlexanderHero Member - Boise Gym

It's a fun way to get an extreme workout and battle through a well thought out game. It's fast-paced and gets my heart going, something lifting in a traditional gym I usually struggle to attain as I would take my time. The game encourages speed and effort.

Jonathan TolmanHero Member - Boise Gym

I always found excuses to skip workouts, but Black Box VR changed everything. It's not just exercise; it's an exhilarating game and I'm seeing results faster than ever.


This is no gimmicky, one-dimensional fitness game. Millions of dollars of development has gone into using the most effective gaming mechanics and behavioral psychology to create an experience you’ll itch to come back to over and over.

30 Minute Epic Battles

Battle Setup: Each workout session is a 30-minute battle in your own private booth. You are transported to a beautiful virtual world where you compete in a stadium-like setting. The AI sportscasters and a cheering crowd will be waiting there for you!

The Arena: Imagine the setting as a football field-sized arena. You and your computer competitor are positioned on platforms at opposite ends, with the main objective being to destroy each other's Crystal.

Black Box VR Arena
VR Athlete Woman

Engaging Gameplay

Exercise Attacks: Perform strength exercises like chest presses, squats, and rows to launch powerful attacks against your competitor!

Champions: These fighters autonomously battle for you! Each Champion has unique abilities and requires elixir (gained through your workout efforts) to be used.

Powerups: These can tip the balance in your favor, such as blowing up your enemies with grenades, setting traps, or healing your structures.

Towers: Use exercises like bicep curls and tricep pushdowns to build huge towers that defend and attack!

Scoring Points

Points: Points are scored by destroying Gates (500 points) and Crystals (1000 points). The round ends when a Crystal is destroyed, and you aim to complete as many rounds as possible within the 30 minutes.

Winning: The highest score at the end wins! Earn trophies and other loot that help you progress to higher levels and bigger rewards.

Sunset Arena Overlook
Boss Battle Brock Steel

Years Of Fun

Quests: These provide additional goals and rewards, incentivizing you to push harder and try new strategies.

Leveling Up: Level up your exercises, improve your Champions, and unlock more game features! This progression mirrors your own fitness journey, as the stronger you get, the more powerful you become in the game.

Boss Battles: Battle formidable bosses, testing your skills and upgraded athleticism!

Watch Our CEO's Workout!







This is what our members tell their friends.

Gamification of Exercise

The unique blend of gaming and fitness makes workouts exciting and engaging, transforming boring exercise routines into an immersive, interactive experience that’s easy to stick to.

Rapid, Visible Results

Testimonials and data show that members experience significant fitness improvements, including fat loss, strength gains, and overall health enhancement, in a relatively short time frame​​​​​​.

Personalized, Private, and Quick

The AI customization tailors workouts to your fitness levels, making them highly efficient and effective, especially for those with busy schedules​​​​. And you get your own private booth!


Clean Box Medical Grade