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Redefining the assumptions and breaking the mold, at Black Box VR we help you transform your life through addictive fitness experiences that harness the power of immersive technologies. We are opening our flagship gym in San Francisco, California this year.

What People Are Saying

The game pushed me further like no trainer or personal mental fortitude had before.

Antonio Villas-BoasBusiness Insider

Black Box has big plans to change the fitness industry AND gaming while they're at it.

Jessica CondittEngadget

It’s the kind of magic that actually makes me, of all people, excited about the idea of working out.

David JagneauxUploadVR

Creating Addictive Fitness Experiences
With The Power of Immersive Technologies

Level Up Your Life Stats

+1 arm strength. -2 body fat. +1 confidence. VR puts you at the center of the action. You are the hero. Be the best one you can.

Real Exercise Science

Workout based on over 100 scientific studies so you can build lean muscle and get fit faster than ever before.

Dynamic Resistance Workout Machine

Pairs with virtual reality and immerses you in a vSport experience to create a paradigm shift for workouts and fitness as you know it.

AI Progresses You, Automatically

Rep ranges and resistance levels auto-adjust for you based on your performance. Intelligently progress towards your goals.

Less Pain, More Gain

Studies show being immersed in VR lowers pain ratings of strenuous activities. Helping you push past previous limits.

30 Minutes Feels Like 10

Immersive experiences can change time perception, making workouts feel like they have passed in the blink of an eye.

A Fitness Plan Like No Other

Combining our Hero Trainers(tm) with artificial intelligence and deep data analytics, we provide the future of fitness programming. With insights and high-fidelity tracking you get clearer progression, more feedback and less cognitive load on the way to achieving your fitness goals.

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A Premium Experience For The Data Junkie

Only three Black Box experiences a week at 40 minutes each will be enough to increase your strength, endurance, and health while shaping your body in all new ways to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Each workout will automatically move you toward your goal by refining the resistance, intensity, and speed based on your goals and your current progress. Plateaus are not allowed.

Your Body
Is The Controller

In-game elements map to muscle groups

In the Black Box VR experience, muscle groups are represented by elements. The greater your strength, the higher your level. Exercises that work the legs for example are associated with water, and will have corresponding effects in the game. At any moment, your opponent can fight back more effectively if he or she uses the opposing element. The level of your weakest muscle group determines your overall rank, pushing you to maintain a well-rounded functional fitness. Black Box VR’s machine learning algorithms incentivize your optimal workout so you can focus less on tracking and more on pushing yourself to the limit.

Watch the Black Box VR Dynamic Resistance Machine in action with the world’s first hands-free VR controllers.

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Opening Fall 2018 in San Francisco, California

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