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July, 2022 – Russ Patterson joins Black Box VR as Technical Director.

The team at Black Box VR has built the world’s first virtual reality gym experience, combining the benefits of intense resistance and cardio exercise with the fun and excitement of video games. With six gym locations currently open and dozens more opening soon, the company has begun augmenting the game engineering team to prepare for the next phase of growth and development.

Today the company is announcing the hiring of Russ Patterson as their first Technical Director.

Russ Patterson

Russ has over 25 years of video game development experience. He has shown a deep understanding of mobile and Internet technologies on both the technical and business sides. Russ is passionate about creating world class customer experiences, which is exactly what Black Box VR aspires to with every member interaction. He’s also an expert at quickly learning new technologies and finding the most direct path to product completion, while being tech stack agnostic.

Russ was one of the founding engineers Zynga’s Carlsbad Studio, where he helped them build addictive game experiences like Farmville, Café World and Bubble Safari, games that grew to an insane numbers of players. He helped grow the dev team from seven when he joined to over 70.

He then joined Jam City and helped build and grow the game Cookie Jam to millions of dollars in monthly revenue. While there, he also built a 60+ person dev team.
Other relevant experience:
  • Electronic Arts
    • Key developer in R&D projects for EA Sports involving the creation of a digital ecosystem for wellness, fitness and athletic performance training.
  • CrowdSource Games
    • Developing and prototyping a mixed reality outdoor fitness game.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Responsible for starting and growing a community building infrastructure for Sony first party game titles.
  • PlayNation
    • Developed Tiger Woods Web Golf which was a PC title running in a Java applet in a web browser.
Russ also has hardware and firmware development experience.
  • Independently developed hardware and software to support custom power LED controllers for architectural and sign lighting, currently being used in amusement parks and more.
  • Independently developed an open source, small scale solar power lighting and water feature controller board and firmware.
Russ will report directly to the CEO and be a part of the company leadership team.
Russell Patterson Mountain Biking

As Technical Director, he’ll lead game and software development to take the game, app, and backend services to the next level. In this role, Russ will be responsible for all technical aspects of game development. This means that he will lead the software development team and help take ideas from start to finish, quickly working through each software engineering stage to create the most robust, extensible, and best performing architecture that will allow Black Box VR to bring new and improved features to life for members.

Russ Patterson Biking

“I’m really excited to be working with the team at Black Box VR,” said Russ Patterson. “It’s a dream to have the opportunity to create real world fitness products that use the attractive and addictive elements of video games in a way that helps people realize their fitness goals.”

Russ lives in the Carlsbad, California area. When he’s not building the gym of the metaverse, he enjoys mountain biking and spending quality time with family.

Russ Patterson Working Out In VR

About Black Box VR

Black Box VR is the world’s first virtual reality esport that combines resistance training, HIIT cardio, and intense gaming to deliver a science-backed workout experience. With gym locations open in San Francisco, Phoenix, Oceanside, and Boise, members are able to build muscle, lose fat, and get fit while playing an addictive game.

What is Black Box VR? Let one of our athletes show you: