Common troubleshooting steps for BBVR experience.

Please work through these steps before you call someone from the dev team.

Step 1: Steam VR

Verify Steam VR is running and the icons for both arm pucks, headset, lighthouses, and tracking puck are a solid green. If there are any issues you should first restart Steam VR. If not follow the steps below.

Headset icon is outlined in green or  is grayed out:

Check the cables are securely plugged into the headset and computer. Then make sure the headset can be seen by the lighthouses.

Either controller is outlined in green or greyed out:

        Check that the controller are turned on and can be seen by the lighthouses.

Either Controller icon is blinking solid green:

        This means the controller is having trouble tracking. Try power cycling it if you cannot get it to see the lighthouses. Sometimes this can be fixed by restarting SteamVR.

Lighthouse is grayed out:

        Check that the power and sync cable are plugged in and that are both lighting houses can see each other.

Tracker Icon is grayed out or not showing:

        Check that the tracker is on and plugged in, indicated by a white light on the tracker itself. If it’s outlined in green but not being picked up in the game, just tap it to wake it up.

Other Issue:

        If none of the steps remedied the issue contact someone on the development team.

Step 2: Game issues

Many of the issues commonly seen with the game are related to SteamVR devices.

Environment didn’t rotate, or the machine is in the wrong position:

This only happens when one of the hands or the tracking puck are not detected. Make sure both hands and the tracker are powered on and tracking before starting the game. If this still doesn’t work, restart SteamVR, then turn them on again. Also check that the tracker is facing directly forward with its USB cord straight out the front, and that it hasn’t been bumped to an unexpected rotation. If that’s the case, just rotate it back as straight forward as possible and restart the game.

    User platform doesn’t show up at start, or no weight on machine:

In rare instances ARSS doesn’t start with the game. If this happens just close the game and start it again.

    Unexpected behavior in-game:

Please note any aberrant behavior in the issue tracking spreadsheet, and mention it in the next standup. No need to call a dev since we wouldn’t be able to fix same-day.


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